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Where To Photograph Scarlet Tanagers?

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Last updated March 2011

At Point Pelee!

With over 370 of bird species recorded in the park and surrounding area, there is no wonder we come back over and over again to this location to photograph birds. Strikingly coloured in bright red during the breeding period, with black wings and tail, the Scarlet Tanager is just 19 cm in length. Best time to photograph these colourful songbirds is in early spring just before they disappear under the protection of thick foliage.

These two males were squabbling over the birch flowers for a good minute or so, although there was an entire flowering tree just at their wing tips. Ah, springtime. Now that spring is in the air, so is the time for territorial disputes.

Scarlet Tanagers Squabbling at Point Pelee, Ontario

Scarlet Tanagers disputing territory in Point Pelee National Park

How To Get To Point Pelee

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