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Licensing Photography & Video

Commercial & Educational

MikePhoto.com still photographs and video footage are available for licensing. Please read the guidelines below on licensing requirements, and when making a request, indicate the photo, video, and the associated story (if any).

Licensing For Commercial Purposes

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Licensing stock photography and video from MikePhoto.com for commercial purposes is easy. Please indicate the following items when contacting us and we'll promptly provide you with an estimate:

  • Photo or video name (and the associated story, if any)
  • Your delivery timeframe requirements
  • Where and how the photograph(s) will be used, including the length of time

Contact us with your commercial photography requirements.

Licensing For Educational Or Non-Profit Purposes

Over the years, we have regularly received licensing requests for educational purposes from Canadian and U.S.-based universities and schools and various nature research organizations. In these special cases, we have licensed our photography at no cost, and we will continue fulfilling these important requests in the same manner.

That said, you are required to obtain permission for usage even when your needs are purely educational or non-profit. Mike Lascut Photography holds the copyright for all photographs and video footage on MikePhoto.com, unless otherwise indicated. All material requires permission for usage. Please recognize that making these images requires a considerable amount of investment in technology, time and logistics. We reserve the right to change our licensing policy at our discretion, at any time, and without any prior notice.

Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us with your educational or non-profit requests.

Dear Mike,

I would like to thank you for the use of your photos in Audubon Canyon Ranch's Education Program. We are using the photos in the slideshows that docents take into the classrooms before the students come out to our preserves. It is so much more effective when talking about the role turkey vultures play in the ecology of a place to be able to show a photograph of a turkey vulture cleaning a carcass.

Audubon Canyon Ranch's Education Program connects adults and children with our local landscapes, opening them to the wonder, excitement, and mystery of the natural world. This connection inspires a desire to protect, to pass on what they learn to others, to become more ecologically literate, and to act with foreknowledge and care in their personal lives and communities. ACR's school programs work with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Sonoma Counties. We serve nearly 7,000 school children a year in 150 schools.

So there are a lot of kids that get to see your photos.


Gwen Heistand
Co-Director of Education
Resident Biologist, Martin Griffin Preserve
Audubon Canyon Ranch

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