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Where to Photograph Birds?

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Last updated January 2010

At Point Pelee!

The best location in Ontario to photograph, film and enjoy a variety of wildlife and birds. I have never returned disappointed from Point Pelee. While you can visit all-year round, my preferred time of the year is during spring, to witness the amazing songbird spring migration. See below the photograph of a male Common Yellowthroat.

Common Yellowthroat Male Warbler

Common Yellowthroat Male photographed at Point Pelee.

Although I photographed this songbird on multiple occasions, I chose to showcase this one due to bird's position within the branches, its body posture, and its tail alignment with the branch.

I'll most likely be spending a week photographing the migratory songbirds this upcoming spring. Drop me a line or leave a comment below if you plan to be there. Looking forward to spring!

What Else Can You Photograph At Point Pelee?

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