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Royal Mute Swans in Ontario

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Last updated March 2011

The Mating Ritual

Royal Mute Swan mating ritual in Ontario

Royal Mute Swans in mating ritual – video frame captured with Canon XH-A1 – [See video below]

The cold and short days of winter are now replaced by the warmer and longer days of spring. And with springtime comes love. 'Tis the season of courtship and mating and when the nesting real estate is in high-demand. The following video is a celebration of the spring arrival. The Royal Mute Swans mating ritual starts with a gentle courtship by dunking their heads and blowing bubbles in the water. As some of the heaviest birds in the world, mute swan adults may reach weights of 30 pounds. As the male climbs on top, he pulls her neck above the water, thus ensuring she's not drowning under his weight. As they reach maximum excitement you hear them expressing great pleasure by whistling and snorting. Their mating ritual ends in a charming display, with synchronous moves, cheek to cheek and 'walking' the water.

Video Footage of the Royal Mute Swan mating ritual Technical Notes: Filmed in HDV 1080i format

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