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Soap Bubble Photography

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Last updated December 2020

The Life Of A Soap Bubble

A few observations:

  • The thinning of the bubble surface (assumption based on colors disappearing) happens fairly quick, in a few seconds, although its disintegration takes quite a while – probably around 25 seconds or so.
  • I assume that degradation of the soap bubble happens due to thinning of the surface – you can see dark spots appearing quite early in the video, and then changing location for quite some time
  • Two Speedlites at 1/64 power have been used, consistently across each shot
  • Note how light is reflected less and less as the soap bubble gets older
  • Based on hundreds of frames captured with this capture and others I can say that the surface is in continuous movement, even if this was shot indoors with no obvious currents of air
  • As the soap bubble gets older it moves slightly from left to right. Interestingly enough, size doesn’t seem to change throughout its duration
  • The burst of the soap bubble is not captured in the frames – I actually doubt that I could have captured it since at that time it reflected very little light

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